Short and brief tonight hitting fence

Today has been another super busy day.  I Started with ball stuck on hitch again.  With the helo from my rv mentor i know why.  More on that one later, then on  with infusion and over heating in hospital (I  feel best under 60 degrees ) came home and met my heros of the day that got my bed up yo the loft.  I will write more about that one tomarrow. A challenge and now I Know why most people do futons.  It fits great and feels amazing but camping out in apartment (on floor now) wiyh pups until sunday.  I am to tired to figure out  air mattress that my rv mentor  lent me.  Thermo rest easy with pups.
More later.  I need my recharge to hit.  Tomarrow topper installed on mazie.  I did get some good garlic kale and eggs in me for protein.  Need protein with this marrathon of moving and trying to keep ip with school.  No more pushing…i am done got tonight.  Wind has officially kicked my butt! One thing with ms…when done your

 done no pushing thru…tomarrows a new sunrise and new day♡♡♡

I am so greatful for my friends old and new yhat are helping me and for my pups to make me feel better when I am done!♡♡♡

Gnight all! 

Categories: Tootling Tranquility Tiny House #TootsTinyHouse

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