Rain, reflections feeling of gratitude in Tootling Tranquility Tiny House

What a great way to wake up!   Rain hitting skylight, pitter pat, pitter pat.  …with being sick, I broke down for nyquil last night.  A pretty solid sleep in between sneezing and after noti pot to clean out sinuses.  I  Woke up a couple times.  It Seemed like a police chase right past toots? Odd. Then Another loud noise,  as I waited to see if someone was hitching me up.  No movement, back to  sleep. Quieter in rv park♡ I am thinking,  coming soon.  Today another day of cleaning, purging, preparing Toots for her journey Tomarrow.

I AM feeling sick from the cold ( I havent gotten sick like this for 5 years) but so greatful for the army of peeps  that showed up yesterday, hanging pictures  loading the truck, cleaning, running errands and getting me some solid protein to eat♡♡♡

Time to get up to  juice, take pups for a walk and finish up living at this wonderful stepping stone.  I have loved the area.  It is so beautiful and some amazing people that I have met.

More to come soon..more journeys, beautiful sceneries, amazing sunrises and sunsets, inspiring people.  Yes i am feeling very blessed!

Have a great day!  Remember you only get one chance

for this day! Go for it and make it the best it can be!Peace and love


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