Sick…but i am here and moved in♡♡♡kind of

We made it! Majorly  stressed yesterday.  I am so thankful fir all my friends that cane to help me.  Love you all♡ (more later).

The cold that has been chasing me got me big time.  I cant seem yo get heater to work  so back to bed.

I aced all my turns yesterday wiyh #Tootstinyhouse. I did learn, do nit follow navigater  on phone.  It worked out but it kept sending me on small back roads with s turns and pretty scenery, but i was praying for no low hanging wires or weight restricted  bridges.  Like I  said, it all worked out! Again super windy so it was better going slow.

Coming into the campground a bridge and I aced that one too.Yay I got this.  The manager was home and was so kind to help me back in.  Still stressed but over top excited.  I did it! I cant hardly believe we are at our first place. 

We are all exhausted. Internet spotty and no cell.   Hopefully tomarrow i can get hooked up.  Water is connected but  I need to read manual before turning on.  I am just to tired to do…..back to bed happy to snuggle with pups. 

Tomarrow I Will feel better.  Right now maybe nyquil.  Dreaded Drip in chest feeling 😦 right now…i dont want brochitus! 

And My girl loves the stream close by.  But she didnt see any trout….yet…

Cant wait to feel better and investigate.

Super nice people here too♡

Categories: Tootling Tranquility Tiny House #TootsTinyHouse

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