3 tinys in a row

HI ALL!♡♡♡

I am happy to say I am  now starting to feel motivated and back to myself again.  I moved to Riverview RV Park on Sunday  after long days and nights of purging, selling, donating and almost what felt like begging people to take my belongings.  I had a army of friends helping me, but with constant stress  my body ran down.  I hit Sunday and drove #tootstinyhouse  or Tootling Tranquiliity Tiny House (her formal name) from Longmont to here followed  by a friend who I am thinking was not sure of my journey? 

 chose here, due to my infusions for ms which are hopefully getting switched to every 6 months when the new drug is approved by fda . It will also allow me  to be a bit closer to friends if I should get ill with the change of infusions and closer  to the hospital.  I am hoping for more freedom with every 6 months! 

I love Colorado, and as I would love to travel and I will, as John Denver sings fire in the sky, its hard to miss our sunsets here.  I also wanted a place to learn and adapt to living tiny!  Bruce and Holly have taken me in open armed with our tiny, Tootling Tranquility.  She was built by Tumbleweed  Tiny House Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado which I went down to pick her up with our newly purchased Dodge Ram 1 ton gas truck, just 2 week ago.  1 week ago, I drove 2.5 hours to picked her up in the springs.  After going thru orientation and a lesson on how to drive her it was back to Longmont to  moved out of our apartment. Alot!!! Stress even if good is stress to our bodies.

Not ever rving before (a good camper and fisherperson) I am all about learning but a bit clueless with rving.  Why a tiny you ask? 

With ms its extremely important to limit toxins around me, eat clean and exercise  while using strategies.  Tumbleweed builds are rvia certified and green certified.  They are also so darn cute, but actual  Tiny houses made to move! ♡♡♡ This I felt was a better investment, so here I am…living Tiny but looking to live tiny and travel with  experiencing all I can,  while  supporting others in their journeys♡♡♡ to be their best version of themselves!♡♡♡ As a Institute  of Integrated Nutrition graduate  cerified as a health coach, I have the life lessons and experiences  that brought me here.  I am a huge advocate of food and its power to heal.  

With that said, I am going to take my final sip of my Braggs Apple cider vinager tea with my final dose of probiotics and off to bed for 10 hours of sleep in the loft of our tiny , with dreams of a amazing future.  VISIONS of all the amazing people and their inspiring tales which I will be sharing here.  Scuse me if I Am rambling, still a bit foggy…but I will beat this cold! Gnight♡♡♡

Good night all.  What a amazing life this is♡. If we are fortunate, we are here for a long time, so I would like it to be the best it can be! Never to stop discovering.

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