Settling in….another empowered peep moves in with pup..awesome!

Hey guys! Its been busy here. Sorry slaking 

on post. 
Studying internet up and downs has set me back 2 vision is to set to catch up by sunday! Blog, pay bills, study, pass my big test #2.  I finally shopped today (big one) for healthy food 

and stock my soul.  Next blog when i figure out, how to buy good irganic healthy food for raw lifestyle.  I will also be setting up recipes (yes I can do as I am not one that takes notes  for recipes but I will share) instructional videos on easy quick nutritional whole food meals.
Love the life your living. Its a long one , and too long not to be happy and healthy♡♡♡ with your loves♡

Categories: Tootling Tranquility Tiny House #TootsTinyHouse


  1. I love your blogs!! Yes I did get an email that allowed me to see you have blogged!!! Hugs

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  2. Thank you so much Jessica for the follows ♡` feel free to share. Coming soon. Recipes, videos and more…♡♡♡


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