STOP and smell the poop! 

Dogs are amazing at teaching the finer things in life! Their version of Stop to smell the roses. Since I moved into Tootling Tranquility  2 weeks ago for full time living, its been busy! Unpacking and organizing.   In a Tiny House Organization is HUGE.  I have always been that person that can’t take time off to enjoy until I am organized.  My kitchen, where I get so much of my self love, creating healthy and nurturing samplings to keep my health on track, my finances, my clothes, my workout stuff all needs to have its own spot, now in our tiny.
 It has been 2 weeks, with school and stress with internet conectivity problems, that was all resolved this week.  I will be able to study now and take big test #2. So its about time we hit the trails for much needed hiking. So, off to Devils Backbone!   Getting their early, before the crowds, we were on the trail.  SNIFFING AND SMELLING AS dogs do, I felt increased anxiety of we have to get back and we have so much to do, when I was sent a message.  Stop and smell the poo…dog language.  Ok Message received!
I was so  excited with this message and checking in with my own feelings, I had to share with this message, yes, about poo, with this sweet man coming down the trail. I DONT always have a filter on my thoughts and here I wen, excited about the message and how it came about.  The man chuckled politely  and we exchanged a few words  about how pretty this area was.  We both parted continuing on our paths.  The clouds were 

forming and barometric pressure dropping which,  play havoc,  on my body, now on fire leg and dizziness.  MS can do this constantly, but we had a hike to enjoy!   We arrives at the keyhole and , oops, battery died on my cell.  Another message.  Enjoy the moment.  I realized how many times I stop to take pictures.  I am so dependant on my phone. I couldnt be now. Enjoying the key hole, a hawk was announcing its presence. 

 Beautiful!!! With curiosity  I watched while she was in her nest behind the key hole hidden from sight for most.  I noticed and watched.  We continued on the path enjoying the moments, the scenery without the distraction of taking pictures, and encounters of people along the way.  It was actually empowering.  No phone and enjoying my first message enjoy the journey, $top and smell the….well you know….

We came up upon the couple, the man I met before and his wife enjoying the view  from a well placed bench. This time we spoke and had a long conversation about food, diet, health, inspirations.  I was so inspired by this couple.  They have been on a plant based whole foods (not processed) for what I remembered as 55 years but not sure I remember  correctly now, but many many years.  This couple Paul and Louise were beautiful, vibrant and hiking!!! I want to be just like them when I am their age.  A affirmation  diet is huge!!!

I was so inspired by them.  So greatful for our chat on the trail, I left running down the trail then skipping , where i passed a man younger then I, saying while giggling…wow cool!  Me remarking, its more fun to skip.  Exercise really helps wih the burning pain in my leg.  As we approached the end, I met a volunteer  of the park.  We spoke and he was asking if I come here often.  I told him briefly about moving and Tootling Tranquility . And my future plans to support other people as a health coach.   He was so curious about tiny houses.  He asked alot of questions.  He then shared that his wife was in hospice. I LISTENED.  HOSPICE IS HARD for everyone.  My mom was in hospice in her final days.  A supported time for her but the waiting  is hard.  I listened. Another amazing person with a story to tell. Up the hill to the parking lot. I DONT even remember how,   but Mary and I met.  She was a jogger with a brightly colored outfit.  So bright and such a pretty  women.  She shared her story as I did about our tiny and transition that we are going thru and the amzing people we had met on the trail this day! She too had a amazing story of her husband passing and her being his caretaker for 7 years with a disease that steals your ability to remember. She shared her story.  We laughed and joked and understood each other thru our past experiences, me with ms and her with her husband.  We wondered, when people say your so strong what does that mean? What is strength? Really?

After quite awhile, Gracie and Humphrey being so patient, we drove home to #Tootstinyhouse.  Feeling so blessed ! So many amazing stories so many inspiring people.  You just have to stop snd smell the poop! Thanks Gracie for that messsge.  If I hadn’t, i would have missed the miracles of this beautiful hike and all the inspiring stories told by truely amazing people♡♡♡


What a great day and pups and I slept well.  All is as it should be♡♡♡.

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