May 5th and 6th chillen in Tootling Tranquility Tiny House 

On our to do list after a nap.  Find a place to go June 1st,  higher elavation.  Yesterday studying, today studying and phone calls to find availability for next stepping stone and a  cooler one for sure!

  After a fun morning (road trip,  vets, errands, and finished with lunch with friends) we are toast and need that nap, with it being 82 degrees outside but loving inside #Tootstinyhouse at 61 degrees♡ cozy with windows covered.

BEST TRAVELERS EVER! #2bigpupsandatiny

Lyons, Colorado Longs and Meeker peaks

Love seeing the cows grazing

we are so excited to be at Lyons Vet, they have yummy cookies♡♡

Killing the cute look for pizza bones when everyone is done eating.  

I am not looking at food so i wont beg…mama doesnt like begging

And they totally  earned the pizza bones.  I love #modmarket who allow pups on their outside patio ♡♡♡

Off to climb back in  Mazy (1 ton dodge ram) with great ac to bring us home to #tootsyinyhouse

Just so beautiful♡♡♡

Nap and back to studying

  A great Saturday morning.  Paws crossed we find a great next stepping stone…that is cooler.  

ENJOY  ALL♡♡♡ what amazing beautiful morning.  

Sleepy but greatful!

Humphrey Gracie and Katrina

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