Ready to get higher? Join me for a amazing ride….turn your volume UP!!!]

High yet? 

How ’bout now? Wanna dance….
Unbelievable dat today out on the water.  Many first for this journey so far, many amazing people, but I have to say this has been the best day in my life!!! 

I am going to spend some time with my awesome rv neighbor who continues on her journey helping others, tomarrow.  Tonight we are inspiring each other as we share dinner over a fire,  PUDGIEPIES AND possible make Smores (thought makes me wrong to eat but we can pass them out to others). It’s the journey, the processes good and bad, and the moments that are all sacred and make us the person we are today.

I will  write back soon with more pictures of the amazing kayaking  trip today and what happened while doing…pretty amazing! A gift…but meanwhile I hope you are grinning eat to ear as I am♡


Katrina and 8 paws in a tiny♡♡♡
Ps…look what arrived today♡ will be taking on clients soon!!!


Categories: Feel the fear and do it anyways, multiple sclerosis, travel video blog

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