My poop don’t stink. Victories♡

Thank you Emily  for the lesson on emptying my nature’s head compost toilet.  I have been using since March 12th and to be honest a bit nervous about solids.  Easy and no mess.  I am so greatful for my vision of a outside water slicker! As suggested I purchased extra large composting bags at ace hardware.  Emptied fluids unlatched the main toilet.  Took off the hose and unscrewed bolts that keep my nature’s head to floor.  Slide to left and lifted all put and brought outside.  Put the bag on top and dumped.  Easy.  You don’t want to clean with detergent as that will reduce the natural enzyme  that break waste down in the past moss…it worked. No stink! My poop don’t smell….haha.  little victories ♡ 

I got this!!!

I love the nature’s head composting toilet.  You can use on flowers and trees but since I am in a park, composting bags.

I am amazed the things I find exciting now♡



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