6 years July 2011 dx with multiple sclerosis a journey remembered and gratitude.  Warning not always G rated….

We woke up in a pile together in the loft of our tiny house Tootling Tranquility this morning.  TODAY is a day after my anniversary.  Last night I talked to my soul and asked what can I do yo make you sing? The answer was HIKE!!! SO FED PUPS, did our short favorite wildflower walk came back to tiny and made my popoye juice (cucumbers, spinach, celery, ginger, and granny smith apple) 

Juice, kombucha and a gulp of coffee

Sustained energy

took 6000 of b12 mixed in green matcha tea intojuice and gobbled restnif my vitamins and pired in to go cup.  Off we went for our andventure.  This time with new leashes for hiking and our camel pack that I bout at REI 5 years ago when inwas hoping and praying I would someday be able to hike again after my 1st year being couch bound mostly.  Today was that day 6 years later!!! Today  was going to be linger then 1 hour I was sure of it.  It was 57 degrees and I will hit trail by 8 am!

Camel pack bought 5 years prior with faith

Dx of multiple sclerosis

Adventure here we come♡m

and we are off after our juice for energy♡ got my new Camel back. GRacie and Humphrey are ready for chipmunks!

So we start our journey.  Please note that one of my “things” with MS is as I heat up and outside temperture gets warmer (for me over 60 degrees) I can mumble, slur, stimulation overload, get very talkative (like being drunk), I stumble, loose coordination, vision in left eye gets blurry, weakness, diziness, foot cramps and feels like walking on shards of glass, then it travels up thru my leg, plus others but ypundont need to know now. So snow is great! Wet is great! And accomplishing this hike AMAZING!!!!


Its getting interesting….getting warm and tired.  

More on this hike…part 2 coming soon.

Internet challenges on stepping stone 4
Thanks so much for all your patience and support

Katrina and her tribe♡♡♡

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