Raining again…time for mazie adventures

I found internet that works well enough! I can post!!! Yahoo!!!

GOT Home just before rain but then stipped and talked to by tiny curious person…done and went in before rain hit….well almost 😦

Wet pups in 133 square feet, Tootling Tranquility my Tumbleweed Tiny House, …stinky…so alternative to hiking them…

Fed em,  and loaded all up for a adventure.  What will we see…?  WE LOVE SIGHT SEEING and finding new places🙄

Beautiful and cool..mom loves! 


A place for my kayack maybe?

Gotta git me a tag so I can…


1 stop shopping in Central City Colorado

Cool old mining town with old houses


Central City Colorado down town.

So many fireplaces in this casino!

And back home to Max. He get bigger daily♡


I ACED ANOTHER TEST WITH Intstitute of Integrative Nutrition.  MONDAY – WEND Study days and cant study at home without internet… missing my tribe….

Today so now heading home to do this again…;-)))
Have a great night and thanks for following our journey.  I am a newbie and its work in progress with all…tiny, moving, school, blog, business after being flipped upside down July 2011.  I AM LEARNING PATIENCE……maybe?

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