Signs and good peeps, angels♡

I believe everyone comes into my life for a reason.  Angels. Some are developed, some are on their own journey to spread their wings and need help. We are all here in this life  for a reason, & why we meet♡there is a reason or lesson.  I also believe the experiences good and bad are also there fir us to take notice of.  For that I have gratitude.  So many people I now meet, seems random at first, but is it random? I am always amazed and curious. Why?

I have the faith that all will be amazing. Thru hard times and God knows I have had them, the lessons are invaluable if you listen. 

 Tonight driving back from the farmers market in the small funky town of Ned, pinch me do I really live here?

I got home and there were people walking by looking at toots.  Not random these days 😉 while doing my evening walk we met again. We all were from the same place and moved to Colorado.  We had similar past, and on a similar journey in life.  

I have progressed further in passing thru this journey and challenges they were also facing, but very odd to see the reflection of my past. 
 Mirroring.  Have you ever noticed that with people you meet? NOT ALWAYS A EASY PATH.
Last night although I slept well with rain on the metal roof, I dreamt of the past and the lessons I have learned.  Maybe my meeting yesterday was a reminder not to repeat again. I am paying attention now.  Its very cool although quite challenging at times being authentic;-)!

I have always been very sensitive to people and there experiences.  Now I am extremely sensitive to my own.  Its a odd life.  Full of amazing stories,  interesting people and lesson to be learned.  

Where will this road take me next?


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