Who I am and why I am reinventing?

In  July of 2011, I was in the process of owning and operating  one business and opening another, while being in a very unhealthy relationship.  My businesses  that I loved, were going to be my way out of that relationship!   I thought I  had it all planned out, until  one morning I woke to major vision blockage in my left eye (now for the 2nd time).   This was the start of my journey with being diagnosed with Relapsing and Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.
My new mascot to give me hope at a very dark time.  I still have him .  He was found in my back yard (no kids) but he was a sign.  A fight to come! 😦

Without further details right now,  my life changed dramatically and quickly with MS symptoms now showing their heads and  hitting me very hard physically and emotionally.  I went from opening a 2nd business in May 2011 to July 2011 getting diagnosed to  October 2011 shutting my businesses down and laying off my contractors.  While being mostly on the couch for a year, depressed but trying to get back to a life, with some independence,  I was then told by husband at the time,  “you are stuck with me, you have MS now”.  Some of those symptoms included cognitive issues, numbness on my entire left side, vision loss on left side, strange sensations of bugs crawling on me, burning pain to be replaced with aching pain, all within hours of each other,  then debilitating fatigue, weakness and movement and balance issues. MS is a difficult journey and is different for everyone with the symptoms and the effects.

This site, this journey is about education, recovery and support of others in their journeys to become the strongest, happiest and best person they can be. I have been through so much and I totally believe in being authentic even its not easy.  This is the journey of me living tiny and celebrating all of life’s amazing wonderment’s , and also the challenges of reinventing my life and living tiny.

By redesigning my diet and making myself my priority, I  became stronger.  I started  listening to my inner voice, and being my own advocate.  I vowed, if I  got another chance,  my life would be different!!!!This is now that new life…..

Now  years later, divorced,  my house sold,  major debts paid off, I started working with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company,  on the way  I was going to redesign life further and help others.    September 2016, I enrolled The Institute  of Integrated Nutrition which is a online certification program to become a health coach.  I want to use all my experiences in life,  that have been life changers for me,  to help others.

My new journey is to help, inspire and excite others while I support them in their journey while I live and learn in my tiny house with my tribe.   I will be providing support,  how to foodie videos, recipes, online programs via Skype,  and travel blogs to hopefully inspire and provide strength, encouragement  to others to take back their power and step outside their own comfort zone to obtain AMAZING for themselves.  The health coaching side is on http://www.katrinatouckecoach.com (coming soon) and this blog http://www.tootlingtranquilitytinyhouse.com is our life transforming and living tiny!

We all have the ability.  We don’t have to settle. Come learn how to grow your power and to thrive even if you are feeling stuck. Are you in a difficult job, relationship, struggles with emotional ups and downs, chronic illnesses, health and diet challenges? I have been there.  I know believe in reinventing my life.  Thank you for joining us! I hope you love living tiny and changing your life as much as I do!

Food is my medicine♡ Strength is my power,  Love is my support and Nature is my peace.

Come join us on our journey, I would be honored to help you in yours.
 I am Forever Grateful
Katrina Toucke  and my tribe Humphrey and Gracie
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