I am so honored to be blessed to have this amazing life that I can inspire and share with others.

I invite you to contact me for further information on personalized health, wellness and lifestyle coaching (let’s schedule a complimentary health strategy session), motivational speaking engagements, health advocacy, classes offered for healthy food preparation and diet, tiny house living and lifestyle OR if you are interested in visiting with me on any of the above.

I am super busy (and have my strategies and boundaries) I love sharing, so please inquire below and DO NOT just stop by as I maybe with clients or working via video conferencing.  Thank you and I can’t wait to connect with you!

Make your day Amazing!

Katrina and her 2 big pups!

Update: July 7, 2018 – My 8th anniversary of “The above Divine Storm”.  I have found my community now in Ridgway Colorado.  I am certified Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach, and after taking advance education I  specialize in Gut Microbiome and Autoimmune.  This doesn’t mean I can’t help others, and my passion is making being healthy affordable and for everyone.  I meet you where you are with coaching .  I am now on GOOGLE under Katrina Toucke LLC and accepting local clients here in my community of Ridgway and Ouray Colorado.  I am also accepting clients on Zoom (secured video conferencing) so you can be anywhere for my help with coaching and making you THRIVE.  No more excuses!  Contact me above for a complimentary consult to see if we are the right fit.  Give me 6 months to get you to your version of AMAZING!  Lets go!

I work with you with your lifestyle and diet,  relationships etc.  I will hold you accountable to make the changes you desire but also will work with your other practitioners to make sure you are on target and give you the support you need to make the changes.  My  consults are 50 minutes where I LISTEN to you and we work  TOGETHER to accomplish your goals.   It really takes 6 months to make the changes that will be life long.  I will provide 1 hour consults (for health tune ups and specific goal setting) however, 6 month programs are my speciality so that we can address all 12 aspects of “the Circle of Life”Most health conditions and challenges are NOT just diet but also past history, relationships, childhood dramas, a lack of boundary setting, financial planning, need I go on?  Call me or send me a email above  for a complimentary discover consult.  Let’s find out! I will review pricing and various packages after we both decide if it will be a coachable relationship.  I know what it takes to change and its not easy.  I have personal experiences and know the day to day challenges to make the lasting changes.  Let’s find out!

Life is too long if miserable and too short if Amazing.  I am going for amazing, how about you?

Now on Google:  Katrina Toucke llc – Medical Ridgway CO


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